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Anti-Money Laundering Traning Program
A Comprehensive Program Convering Anti-money laundering Laws Central Bank & Capital Market Authority regulation for financial institution.
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Professional Certification For MLROs
Professional Certification for Compliance & Money Laundering Reporting Officers in Kingdom of Bahrain.
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At TRIDENT FINANCIAL our mission is to turn our knowledge into value for the benefit of our clients, people and community. When our clients choose to engage TRIDENT FINANCIAL, they benefit from the wide spectrum of experience that we have acquired over the years in serving the financial industry. We work with passion, commitment and an intense desire to excel. We take pride in our people who will deliver what you want and, more importantly, what you really need.

TRIDENT Financial has the right experience and capabilities to deliver high quality products & services to ensure out client's success in achieving their business objectives.

We believe in providing

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Business News

Uber had 6,000 US sexual assault reports in two years
The figures come as the ride-hailing company is under intense pressure globally over safety issues.

Macron pension reform: France enters second day of strike
Transport and services are affected again after 800,000 people joined national protests on Thursday.

Garuda airline boss to lose job over smuggled motorbike
The boss of Indonesia's national airline is accused of not declaring the importation of a Harley Davidson.

Saudi Aramco raises $25.6bn in world's biggest share sale
The oil giant's listing is the biggest to date, surpassing that of China's Alibaba in 2014.

Thomas Cook customers face refund delays
One in three of the first Thomas Cook customers to claim refunds will not be paid within the 60-day target.

DeepMind co-founder Mustafa Suleyman switches to Google
The man behind controversial Streams app is to join Google to develop AI solutions.

Huawei launches new legal challenge against US ban
The Chinese company filed the case after it was labelled as a security threat by Washington.

British Steel's French site advertised for sale
China's Jingye has agreed to buy the whole company, but is reportedly furious about developments in France.

UK household debts see big increase
Debts including credit card debt and personal loans have risen 11% to £119bn in two years.

'I would sell a kidney for the Baby Yoda toy'
Star Wars fans really want toys of the Child, but it will not be out until next year.

Plum: Users of money app complain of long delays for withdrawals
Users say they have had to wait days to get their money out and have struggled to get information.

Macron pension reform: Why are French workers on strike?
Hospital staff, police and transport employees join France's biggest strike in decades - but what for?

Cambodia's bicycle firms face bumps in the road
The Asian nation has built up a bike building industry, but human rights concerns could put the brakes on growth.

Coral dredging: 'It's going to cause irreversible damage'
Cayman Islands campaigners are fighting to stop coral reefs being dredged for bigger cruise liners.

Why is the world's financial plumbing under pressure?
The Swift system has securely transferred data for decades, but faces growing geopolitical pressure.

How China-US rivalry is dividing the internet
Will the rivalry between China and the US accelerate the division of the internet into two halves?

'We try to make good food emotionally addictive'
John Vincent, co-founder of healthy fast food chain Leon, explains the ethos behind the company.

'I match clothes with my pug'
We look at the trend for matching the clothes you wear with your children, dog, cat or even horse.

How to make phone batteries that last longer
A breakthrough in battery technology would be an engineering triumph and spur to other technologies.

Can old fridges be recycled to make new ones?
What happens to your old fridge when it's time to replace it, the BBC's Dougal Shaw reports.

Loan sharks cash in on Black Friday spending spree
Illegal money lenders are targeting people around Black Friday, campaigners warn.

BBC World News business headlines
The latest international business headlines from BBC World News.

How the egg box became a million dollar idea
The BBC's Aaron Heslehurst explains how the egg box became a million dollar idea.

Lotus Evija: The £2.2m electric hypercar
The Lotus Evija goes into production next year and Click gets a look at what drivers can expect.

Raiding factories, freeing children
Nobel laureate Kailash Satyarthi has been freeing children from slavery for more than 30 years.

Missguided boss on Black Friday: 'If we don't play, we die'
The boss of fashion retailer Missguided discusses the importance of Black Friday.

How sticking plasters became a million dollar idea
The BBC's Aaron Heslehurst explains how sticking plasters became a million dollar idea.

CEO Secrets: 'My success is all down to maths'
Timothy Armoo of Fanbytes explains how his success is grounded in a love of maths.

The YouTuber with 26 billion views
Brazil's Konrad Dantas, better know as Kondzilla, has the world's second most watched music video channel.

What Trump wants from trade
President Trump believes the US is being unfairly treated by other countries when it comes to trade.

Huawei: Boom time in China
While Huawei tech is blocked in the US, it is helping build one of the world biggest 5G networks at home.

The garlic farmers who love Trump
American garlic farmers say demand is rising after the US president put tariffs on Chinese imports.

How China plans to lead in computer chips
China wants to end its dependence on imported computer chips, but experts says it will struggle.

Is China gaining an edge in AI?
The US-China over artificial intelligence is heating up, but some warn the US could be over-reacting.
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