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A Comprehensive Program Convering Anti-money laundering Laws Central Bank & Capital Market Authority regulation for financial institution.
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Professional Certification for Compliance & Money Laundering Reporting Officers in Kingdom of Bahrain.
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Business News

US stocks boosted by China rate cut
US stocks close at yet another record high after China announced a surprise rate cut and the head of the European Central Bank hinted at further stimulus action.

Delta swaps Boeings for Airbus jets
American airline Delta replaces its old Boeing planes in a $14bn order for 50 Airbus wide-body jets powered by Rolls Royce engines

Aereo files for bankruptcy protection
Aereo, the TV streaming upstart meant to take on US cable firms, files for bankruptcy protection after a Supreme Court decision threw the company's legality into doubt.

RBS admits error in stress test data
State-backed bank Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) says a data error means it only just passed a European stress test of its balance sheet.

Obama enforces immigration overhaul
Barack Obama uses executive powers to force through immigration reform, removing the threat of deportation for roughly four million people.

HSBC under investigation in France
HSBC's Swiss-based private banking arm confirms it has been placed under formal investigation in France, days after being accused of tax fraud by Belgium authorities.

Sotheby's chief executive steps down
The chief executive of renowned auction house Sotheby's, William Ruprecht, is stepping down after 14 years at the helm.

Malaysia to end fuel subsidies
Malaysia plans to end petrol and diesel subsidies from December in an attempt to save billions of dollars and reduce its fiscal deficit.

Uber in Singapore taxi app regulation
Singapore plans to regulate third-party taxi booking apps such as Uber by capping fees and limiting them to use only licensed vehicles and drivers.

US Senate grills banks on commodities
Executives from three US banks are being questioned by senators over accusations the banks engaged in unfair trading practices relating to several commodities.

Japanese PM Abe dissolves parliament
Japan's PM Shinzo Abe dissolves parliament paving the way for a snap election in December, as local media polls show a low level of support.

UK drops EU bankers' pay challenge
In a surprise move, the UK government has withdrawn its legal challenge to EU legislation that caps the level of bankers' bonuses.

VIDEO: Gebrselassie: From track to business
How Olympic athlete and world record holder Haile Gebrselassie has become a property mogul and leading investor in Ethiopia.

AUDIO: Bob Marley marijuana brand launched
A Seattle-based private equity firm that invests in the marijuana industry has struck a deal with the estate of Bob Marley to launch a global cannabis brand.

VIDEO: What's wrong with Japan's economy?
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe calls elections only two years after taking office due to the country's failing economy.

VIDEO: Restaurant helps ex-convicts back to work
A former convict turned entrepreneur is looking to give other ex-offenders in Singapore a new lease on life through his restaurant chain Eighteen Chefs.

VIDEO: Lagarde: Global recovery is fragile
IMF chief Christine Lagarde has told the BBC she wants more than words from G20 leaders and a delivery on their commitments.

VIDEO: Ebola 'could shock global economy'
The President of the World Bank Group has told the BBC that the Ebola outbreak in West Africa is a "potential shock to the global economy".

VIDEO: Samsung's virtual reality headset
Samsung's annual developers' conference in California has been exploring the latest in virtual reality gadgets - like its Gear VR.

Holy trademark! Batman v Valencia
La Liga giants Valencia are facing a fight to be allowed to use a bat symbol on their crest - from the creators of Batman.

'Poorest of poor' test talking tech
A charity is to give away 2,000 Talking Book audio computers to some of Ghana's poorest communities after securing funds from Unicef and ARM.

Microsoft faults knock sites offline
Faults with Microsoft's cloud computing platform Azure knock many third-party sites offline and restrict access to its own apps.

S&P gives Twitter debt 'junk' status
US ratings agency Standard & Poor's gives social media giant Twitter's debt "junk" status, which is three notches below investment grade.

Oil price falls below $80 a barrel
Brent crude oil price falls below $80 a barrel for the first time since 2010, as Saudi Arabia fails to confirm a cut in production.

Iceland jails former bank boss
Former Landsbanki boss Sigurjon Arnason is sentenced to 12 months in prison for market manipulation, becoming the third Icelandic bank boss to be sent to jail.

Shares dive in nuclear firm Areva
Shares in Areva have plunged after the French nuclear firm suspended its financial targets for 2015 and 2016.

German economy avoids recession
Germany's economy avoids recession after growing 0.1% in the third quarter, with the eurozone as a whole expanding by 0.2%.

Canary Wharf owners reject Qatar bid
The owners of Canary Wharf, Songbird Estates, reject a takeover bid from the Qatar Investment Authority and a US investor saying it undervalues the company.

South Africans face power outages
South Africa is being hit by rolling electricity blackouts as already constrained capacity is further squeezed by a coal silo collapse at a power plant

Crude oil prices hit four-year low
Crude oil prices hit a four-year low after Saudi Arabia unexpectedly cut the price of crude oil sold to the US, adding further to pressure on the growing US oil industry.

China's factory activity stagnates
Activity in some of China's factories and workshops hits a six month low in November, a fresh survey shows.

ANZ bank suspends seven traders
ANZ, one of Australia's biggest banks, has suspended seven traders as part of an inquiry into potential interest-rate rigging.

Netflix in Australia by next March
US company Netflix announces plans to extend its TV and movie streaming service to Australia and New Zealand in March 2015.

Scala to assess 'corruption' reports
The head of Fifa's Audit and Compliance Committee is to evaluate reports into alleged World Cup corruption.

Premier League faces TV rights probe
Ofcom opens an investigation into how the Premier League sells live TV media rights for its football matches following a complaint from Virgin Media.

Manchester United sees revenues fall
Manchester United sees its revenue fall by 9.9% to £88.7m for the three months to the end of September.

Ultra HD gives firms clearer picture
Ultra high definition 4K video tech is enabling businesses to extract high quality still photos and experiment with hybrid moving photo formats.

Translation tech talking business
As online content proliferates, translation services are booming and technology is helping them improve their speed and accuracy while lowering costs.

Ukraine's green tech start-ups bloom
Ukraine's young tech entrepreneurs dream of shaking up the country's inefficient energy market, encouraging innovation through "hackathons".

UAE's female fashion designers
As more Emirati women enter the private sector, a growing number are going into fashion design, reports Verity Ratcliffe from Dubai.

Ex-convict turned chef cooks up social change
A former convict turned entrepreneur is looking to give other ex-offenders in Singapore a new lease on life through his restaurant chain Eighteen Chefs.

Fashion made in Africa
Three women who founded Definition Africa, a fashion label based in Uganda, share their tips on how best to work in a business partnership.

Nissan profits boosted by US sales
One of Japan's biggest carmakers, Nissan, reports a 25% increase in half-year profits as strong US sales help to offset weaker demand elsewhere.

Hyundai and Kia in record settlement
US regulators announce that carmakers Hyundai and Kia have agreed to a record settlement for overstating the fuel economy of their cars, in violation of the Clean Air Act.

Strong rise in Toyota's China sales
Japanese carmaker Toyota saw a strong rise in sales through its two joint ventures in China last month.

Squeeze ends for the long-term employed
Living standards are rising for those in long-term work.

RBS struggles against never-ending fines
RBS has more bad stuff to clear out before hitting clear blue water

Haile Gebrselassie: From athletics to the boardroom
Haile Gebrselassie on his move from athletics to the boardroom

Scandal strains Brazil's giant Petrobras
The mammoth corruption scandal surrounding Brazil's oil colossus Petrobras

Space agency plans Mars rover from Lego bricks
Space agency plans Mars mission with plastic bricks

Why is Formula 1 in crisis?
What are the root causes of F1's financial troubles?

Crowd investing opens up high finance
How crowd investment platforms are shaking up start-up land

China's increasing demands for gas
China's growing demand for Turkmenistan's gas

Child labour laws: A step back for advancing Bolivia?
Are child labour laws a step back for advancing Bolivia?

How McDonald's conquered India
How McDonald's changed its menu to succeed in India

Afghan businesses hope for change
Businesses in Afghanistan hope for change
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