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A Comprehensive Program Convering Anti-money laundering Laws Central Bank & Capital Market Authority regulation for financial institution.
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Professional Certification for Compliance & Money Laundering Reporting Officers in Kingdom of Bahrain.
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At TRIDENT FINANCIAL our mission is to turn our knowledge into value for the benefit of our clients, people and community. When our clients choose to engage TRIDENT FINANCIAL, they benefit from the wide spectrum of experience that we have acquired over the years in serving the financial industry. We work with passion, commitment and an intense desire to excel. We take pride in our people who will deliver what you want and, more importantly, what you really need.

TRIDENT Financial has the right experience and capabilities to deliver high quality products & services to ensure out client's success in achieving their business objectives.

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Business News

Markets brace for more torrid trading
Global markets are braced for another day of torrid trading on Monday in the wake of the UK's vote to leave the European Union.

Brexit: Asian powers warnings over global stability
Some of Asia's biggest economies have expressed concerns over the world's economic stability as a result of Britain's decision to leave the EU.

First voyage through expanded Panama canal
A Chinese container ship has become the first vessel to sail into the newly expanded Panama Canal.

HSBC 'to move jobs to Paris if UK leaves single market'
HSBC would move up to 1,000 staff from London to Paris if Britain left the single market and was not part of the European Economic Area, the BBC understands.

Javid plans 'no panic' business meeting
Business Secretary Sajid Javid says he will meet this week with business leaders following the Brexit vote, telling companies not to panic.

Keystone XL pipeline: Company to sue over rejection
TransCanada, the company behind the disputed Keystone XL pipeline, has filed a formal request to the US government to claim $15bn in damages over the rejection of the project.

EU referendum: Moody's cut UK's credit outlook to 'negative'
The UK has its credit rating outlook cut to "negative" by leading financial agency Moody's, as outgoing PM David Cameron faces pressure to speed up "divorce" talks with the EU.

UK car industry needs 'swift EU deal to curb high tariffs'
The UK government must act quickly to secure favourable terms for a key export sector, says industry expert Professor David Bailey.

Soros warns of EU disintegration
Billionaire investor George Soros warns that Britain's vote to leave the European Union makes the disintegration of the bloc "practically irreversible".

EU referendum: UK's EU commissioner Lord Hill to resign
The UK's EU Commissioner Lord Hill announces he is to stand down, saying "what is done cannot be undone" after the UK votes to leave the European Union.

Wetherspoon boss Martin says Brexit worry 'understandable'
Brexit businessman Tim Martin, founder of the Wetherspoons pub chain, says anxiety is "understandable", but adds there is no need to rush into EU exit talks.

Stock markets tumble after Leave vote
Wall Street and the FTSE 100 both fall sharply in a wild day of trading after the UK votes to leave the European Union.

City shock at referendum result
Tens of thousands of City staff who turned up for work this morning found their professional world turned upside down.

UK interest rate 'likely to hit zero' following Brexit
UBS economist warns of two rate cuts over six months amid predictions UK economic growth will slow and the pound will fall further.

Obama: Special relationship remains despite Brexit
Barack Obama said that the special relationship between the US and the UK would endure despite Britain's decision to leave the European Union.

EU Referendum: Business calls for stability and direction
UK business groups say there is a need to maintain "stability" to avert what many economists say will be a shock to the economy after the referendum result.

EU referendum: Statement from Bank of England governor Mark Carney
The statement from the governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, following the EU referendum result.

Brexit: Asian shares fall sharply as UK votes to leave EU
Asian shares fall sharply as investors react to the UK voting to leave the European Union, with Japan's Nikkei slumping 7.9%.

EU referendum: What next for the world's central banks?
Economic policymakers must now decide whether and how they should respond to the UK's vote to leave the EU.

Volkswagen 'to pay $10bn' for US emissions scandal
Volkswagen agrees to pay $10.2bn (£6.9bn) to settle some claims in the US from its emissions cheating scandal, according to reports.

BBC World News business headlines
The latest international business headlines from BBC World News.

Christine Lagarde: 'We, ourselves, stand ready' for Brexit
Christine Lagarde, head of the International Monetary Fund, gives her reaction to the UK's decision to leave the European Union.

What can the AIIB do for Asian finance?
As the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank holds its first annual meeting, BBC News looks at its role.

Brexit: Seven economic indicators to watch
What key indicators will investors be looking at now that the UK has voted to leave the European Union?

Kenya's flourishing camel milk industry
Despite the country's drought, some Kenyans are turning camel milk into a viable commercial business.

Why some South African farmers are producing mohair
A much-sought-after natural fibre in the fashion world is mohair. Made from Angora goats, South Africa is the world's leading producer of it.

Living with Sierra Leone's mine closures
After two of the country's largest mines were forced to close, the people of Sierra Leone have struggled to survive.

Helping the homeless
How do you find a home when you live in one of the world's richest cities and you are amongst the poorest there?

Brexit: What does it mean for expats, here and in the EU?
How does the UK's vote to leave the European Union affect British expats in Europe, and EU nationals working in the UK?

Trade deal challenges
The UK government must resolve key issues with the EU, including immigrants' access to Britain, as well as trade deals and tariffs.

After Brexit
Now that the British public has voted for Brexit, what exactly will be the economic effects? Here are five areas where experts say we should pay close attention.

Not as secure?
As Moody's, one of the big three credit ratings agencies, cuts its outlook for the UK's economy from "stable" to negative", BBC News explains what the agencies do.

'Reassurance needed'
UK companies and business organisations say action to shore up stability and confidence is needed following the EU referendum result.

Brexit in Africa
Brexit heralds uncertainty for Africa, as it does for the world. From economics to migration, gold mining to aid, here is how the continent may be affected.

Give me shelter
With more than 100 million people homeless globally, meet the social entrepreneurs trying to help provide shelter in the world's richest cities.

Snap, swipe, like
How are fashion retailers responding to the world of smartphones and social media?

New era?
As the China-led Asia Infrastructure and Investment Bank (AIIB) prepares for its first annual meeting, how much have Western concerns being realised?

Very Important Pets
A look at the growing number of hotels around the world that allow guests to bring their pets with them, and the services they offer the animals.

Cash crop
The number of businesses in the cannabis industry in the US is growing but the legal grey zone the sector falls into can make finding funding tough.

What's up dock?
Horn of Africa trade has pivoted around Djibouti for the last decade. But a new deal for the ancient maritime hub of Berbera, on the Somaliland coast, looks set to change that.

Fight for $15
Seattle became the first major US city to introduce a $15 minimum wage two years ago. What impact is it having on businesses and the economy?

Virtual doctors
Health services for a million people in Zambia are being connected to UK doctors, using a smartphone app.

Be yourself
Qantas boss Alan Joyce explains why it's important to be yourself at work, and the benefits of having a diverse range of people at the top.

Game, dataset and match
As Wimbledon prepares to use emotion-tracking cameras at this year's tennis championships, sport is becoming increasingly digital for fans, players and venues alike.

Duck protests
The Belgrade Waterfront development is being touted by officials as moving the city in a "positive direction" but the project is proving controversial.
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