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Anti-Money Laundering Traning Program
A Comprehensive Program Convering Anti-money laundering Laws Central Bank & Capital Market Authority regulation for financial institution.
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Professional Certification For MLROs
Professional Certification for Compliance & Money Laundering Reporting Officers in Kingdom of Bahrain.
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At TRIDENT FINANCIAL our mission is to turn our knowledge into value for the benefit of our clients, people and community. When our clients choose to engage TRIDENT FINANCIAL, they benefit from the wide spectrum of experience that we have acquired over the years in serving the financial industry. We work with passion, commitment and an intense desire to excel. We take pride in our people who will deliver what you want and, more importantly, what you really need.

TRIDENT Financial has the right experience and capabilities to deliver high quality products & services to ensure out client's success in achieving their business objectives.

We believe in providing

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Business News

Trump's Treasury Secretary targets tax reform 'by August'
In his first TV interview Steven Mnuchin promises deregulation and tax cuts to boost growth.

Ex-IMF chief Rodrigo Rato gets 4.5 years for embezzlement
Mr Rato and 64 other bankers were accused of misusing corporate credit cards at Spain's two banks.

Peugeot owner PSA sees profits nearly double
As its profits rise, the French carmaker says it will "develop" Vauxhall if it buys the brand.

German budget surplus highest since 1990
Revenue outstripped expenditure last year by the largest amount since reunification.

Barclays full-year profits almost treble to £3.2bn
"Strong progress" in restructuring helps the bank to report profits of £3.2bn.

Federal Reserve may raise US rates 'fairly soon'
The US central bank suggests the strength of the economy may prompt an increase as soon as March.

Qantas profits buffeted by competition headwinds
Shares in the Australian airline jump 5% despite posting lower half-year profits.

Carlos Ghosn refocuses Nissan role
'Time is right' to step away from running Nissan to focus on Renault and Mitsubishi alliances.

Australia Post chief resigns despite bumper profits
Ahmed Fahour's decision comes after widespread criticism that his pay was 10 times what the PM earned.

WTO's new global trade deal comes into force
The WTO's Trade Facilitation Agreement should cut trade costs and help developing nations the most.

Gig economy chiefs defend business model
Bosses from Uber, and Deliveroo say offering more employment rights would harm them.

South Africa budget targets top earners
Finance minister Pravin Gordhan raises top rate of tax to 45% to help reduce deficit.

Military plane cost hits Airbus profits
Annual profits slump at the aircraft maker following another big charge on its military cargo plane.

RWE forced to scrap dividend again
The German parent company of UK energy firm Npower suffers writedowns on its power plants.

UK economy grows faster than thought
The UK's economy did better than thought at the end of last year, but estimate for 2016 is cut.

Self-driving cars must be covered by insurance, says UK bill
The UK proposes that insurance companies have to cover all accidents involving self-driving cars.

BBC World News business headlines
The latest international business headlines from BBC World News.

Brexit: Barclays 'committed to London'
Barclays is making plans in case the UK loses access to the EU single market after Brexit, but is committed to London, chief executive Jes Staley says.

How many dumplings can one food truck sell?
Does running a food truck in Hong Kong make financial sense - and is the food good value for customers?

Kevin O'Leary: Canada's Donald Trump?
Businessman and reality TV star Kevin O'Leary wants to disrupt Canada's government. Sound familiar?

Diversifying the United States' coal country
Not everyone in the US's coal country is waiting for mining to return, they are looking to diversify.

The power of the 'purple pound' explained
BBC News looks at the idea of the "purple pound" and how much it is worth to the economy.

'I wondered if I just wasn't good enough'
Tom Cowley, who is autistic, dreamt of creating computer games, but struggled to find employment. But now an IT firm is harnessing the unique qualities of autistic people.

Wheelchair user creates mannequin to target disabled consumers
British businesses could be losing out on a potential £420 million a week by failing to target disabled consumers.

Doing the legwork
A growing number of people are using running clubs and events as business networking opportunities.

Canada's Trump?
An outspoken businessman and reality TV star hopes to make a populist splash in Canadian government.

Supermarket sourcing
Importing food is getting more expensive so why don't UK supermarkets get more of their supplies from home?

Textbook royal
The best teachers go beyond academic lessons to pass on lessons in compassion, says Prince Harry.

Accessing the world
Brazilian Ricardo Shimosakai is a tourist agent who specialises in finding holiday packages for people with mobility issues.

Finding drugs faster
How cloud computing is speeding up the development of potentially life-saving drugs.

Baby Ciao
Catherine Gazzoli is producing a range of organic baby food influenced by her Italian roots.

Breaking down barriers
Up to 1.2 billion people around the world live with some sort of disability - and businesses are increasingly realising they have a lot of spending power.

Sky jam
UK air traffic control is investing £600m in a new cloud-based system to cope with rising demand.

Talking to the machine
The story behind the compiler, a remarkable innovation that made modern computing possible.

Do firms really need one person in charge? Staff at Swedish firm Crisp explain why they decided to bin the boss.

In focus
Will a merger of Essilor and Luxottica be too big for the public good?

Clubbed to death
Following the demise of the seal-hunting trade, Norway is focusing on a new Arctic gold rush.

'Glamour and disability can mix'
Hulya Arif is one of a number of disabled women breaking into the beauty business.

Branching out to grow Christmas trees, despite my accident
Forester Clive Collins was determined to keep working after breaking his back, following his dream to run a Christmas tree farm.

The ex-trader turning disabilities into profits
Why a former trader left Wall Street to target an overlooked market worth trillions globally.

Steel firm unlocked disabled woman's potential
A young disabled woman discusses how she overcame barriers to find a fulfilling job in South Africa.
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