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A Comprehensive Program Convering Anti-money laundering Laws Central Bank & Capital Market Authority regulation for financial institution.
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Professional Certification for Compliance & Money Laundering Reporting Officers in Kingdom of Bahrain.
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Business News

Coronavirus: A visual guide to the economic impact
Key maps and charts explain how the virus has impacted markets and businesses around the world.

‘My dream home hangs in the balance’
Government advice to "postpone a move if at all possible" amid the coronavirus outbreak has left many plans in flux.

Coronavirus: Virgin Atlantic to seek bailout in coming days
The airline is to ask the government for cash to keep going after coronavirus leads to travel slump.

Coronavirus: OneWeb blames pandemic for collapse
OneWeb, the high-profile London-based satellite start-up, files for bankruptcy protection in the US.

John Menzies axes 17,500 jobs amid travel slump
The aviation services firm says it is cutting costs to mitigate the effects of the coronavirus outbreak on its business.

Coronavirus: Trump signs into law largest bailout in US history
The $2 trillion boost is the largest ever as virus cases continue to rise, hitting the economy.

Drop in consumer confidence sends US stocks lower again
A closely watched survey finds US consumer confidence at the lowest level in three years.

The uncertain future for China's electric car makers
China is the biggest market for electric vehicles, but the coronavirus is the latest blow to shake the industry.

Coronavirus: 2,000 jobs at risk as Carluccio's faces collapse
The food chain is in talks with administrators after previously warning of coronavirus impact.

Coronavirus: Asia shares up on multi-trillion dollar stimulus hopes
Investors are betting that measures by the US and G20 will ease the economic impact of the pandemic.

Designer brand Ralph Lauren to make masks and gowns
Luxury fashion brands are shifting manufacturing to make vital medical wear for the coronavirus effort.

Coronavirus: 'We are not working in safe conditions'
Many workers say they are being made to continue doing non-essential work, despite government advice.

Coronavirus: Minister defends wait for self-employed bailout
Some people who fall outside the terms of the rescue grants say their hopes have been dashed.

Huawei P40 flagship phones launch amid Covid-19 crisis
Experts say demand outside of China is likely to be weak because of the virus pandemic and absent apps.

Coronavirus: UK government unveils aid for self-employed
The self-employed will be paid up to £2,500 a month to help them cope with the coronavirus crisis.

US stocks rally despite record unemployment claims
The gains cap the best three-day streak for the Dow and S&P 500 since the Great Depression.

Coronavirus: US Senate passes $2tn disaster aid bill
The largest government economic stimulus in US history is approved, despite a last-minute row.

Coronavirus: Record number of Americans file for unemployment
The number of people in the US seeking jobless benefits jumped to nearly 3.3 million last week.

Why orange juice prices are soaring on global markets
Demand is rising for orange juice during virus outbreak while supply is hit by transport restrictions.

Postmasters 'rejoice' as convictions appeal granted
Dozens were accused of stealing money, with some jailed, after the Post Office introduced a new IT system.

Banks under fire for coronavirus loan tactics
MPs have criticised banks for asking business owners to put their own property up to secure loans.

Coronavirus: Off-licences added to list of 'essential' retailers
Government updates list of shops allowed to open during the pandemic to include those selling alcohol.

Coronavirus: Construction firms split as shutdown calls grow
Confusion deepens as some firms decide to stay open, citing government guidelines for essential work.

Facebook group calls soar 1,000% during Italy's lockdown
The social media platform has seen usage rocket in countries hardest hit by coronavirus lockdowns.

Nike turns to digital sales during China shutdown
Sportswear giant Nike says online sales have helped cushion blow of widespread store closures during virus.

Coronavirus: No extra help for airlines, chancellor says
Rishi Sunak says bailing out airlines would be a "last resort" as the sector braces for a $252bn loss.

Coronavirus: 'Avoid using microwave to get faster internet'
With millions of people working from home, media watchdog Ofcom issues tips to boost internet speed.

How are food supply networks coping with coronavirus?
As the pandemic puts pressure on food supplies, how are the delivery systems holding up?

Marini Naturals: The haircare business that reaches 12 countries
Michelle Ntalami couldn't buy the products she wanted for her hair, so she set up a company to sell them.

Could synthetic fish be a better catch of the day?
Start-ups are growing fish "meat" in labs and say it will be competitive with fish from the sea.

'I bought a winery and it caused a US-French row'
When US entrepreneur Michael Baum bought a famous French vineyard it caused a trans-Atlantic spat.

Coronavirus: Robots use light beams to zap hospital viruses
Demand has surged for robots equipped with powerful ultraviolet lights that can kill viruses.

Singapore has moved all its hawkers indoors, and other big Asian cities are following suit
Singapore has moved all its street food vendors indoors. Could that be a model for other cities?

'It was never my plan to be the boss of a huge company'
Why Swiss drugs giant Novartis was prepared to take a chance on a young American.

How do you work out what something is worth?
Auctions have been around for centuries, but underpin the success of many internet giants today.

Reducing brain damage in sport without losing the thrills
Sports like NFL and rugby are taking head injuries much more seriously and employing technology to help.

The Boss: Male investors didn't get my billion-dollar idea
How fashion boss Katrina Lake was able to succeed despite having to battle sexism.

Are female urinals the answer to queues at the loos?
Clever designs are trying to tackle queues for female loos, but will the innovations catch on?

Coronavirus: Tourism in Thailand hit by Covid-19
Thailand's tourism industry, once considered very robust, is now struggling because of coronavirus.

'That was the worst day of my business life'
How coffee company Equator managed to survive and grow after a major threat to its business.

BBC World News business headlines
The latest international business headlines from BBC World News.

Coronavirus: The struggle of being a ride-share driver
Julie Davis is a ride-share driver in the virus hotspot of Seattle - watch her emotional video diary.

Remote working: Seven tips for successful video meetings
Workplace consultant Guenaelle Watson gives seven tips for better video meetings.

The Prodrive Motorsport company it switching its factory to ventilators
The Prodrive Motorsport company it switching its factory to ventilators

South Korean fashion designer switches to face masks
South Korean fashion designer Paul Park has created a line of colourful coronavirus face masks

CEO Secrets: 'Don't be afraid to ask rivals for help'
Don't be afraid to ask your rivals, you'll be amazed at how helpful they can be, says Ellie Webb.

What Trump wants from trade
President Trump believes the US is being unfairly treated by other countries when it comes to trade.

Huawei: Boom time in China
While Huawei tech is blocked in the US, it is helping build one of the world biggest 5G networks at home.

The garlic farmers who love Trump
American garlic farmers say demand is rising after the US president put tariffs on Chinese imports.

How China plans to lead in computer chips
China wants to end its dependence on imported computer chips, but experts says it will struggle.

Is China gaining an edge in AI?
The US-China over artificial intelligence is heating up, but some warn the US could be over-reacting.
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