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Anti-Money Laundering Traning Program
A Comprehensive Program Convering Anti-money laundering Laws Central Bank & Capital Market Authority regulation for financial institution.
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Professional Certification For MLROs
Professional Certification for Compliance & Money Laundering Reporting Officers in Kingdom of Bahrain.
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At TRIDENT FINANCIAL our mission is to turn our knowledge into value for the benefit of our clients, people and community. When our clients choose to engage TRIDENT FINANCIAL, they benefit from the wide spectrum of experience that we have acquired over the years in serving the financial industry. We work with passion, commitment and an intense desire to excel. We take pride in our people who will deliver what you want and, more importantly, what you really need.

TRIDENT Financial has the right experience and capabilities to deliver high quality products & services to ensure out client's success in achieving their business objectives.

We believe in providing

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Business News

Coronavirus: Emirates set to cut 9,000 jobs, citing pandemic
The Middle Eastern airline will make more redundancies but says it is 'not as badly off as others'.

Liz Truss: US trade deal ‘won’t mean lower food standards’
Liz Truss says the UK will not be pushed into a trade deal that lowers food standards.

TikTok: Amazon says email asking staff to remove app 'sent in error'
Earlier, the company had asked staff to remove the TikTok app from phones over "security risks."

'I left Smile Bank today due to the ongoing outage'
Smile Bank customers have been unable to access their accounts for days due to an ongoing outage.

Coronavirus: Package holiday firms told to sharpen up on refunds
The competition authority says some package holiday firms misled customers after virus-related cancellations.

Free home insulation: Too good to be true?
Questions remain over the Green Homes Grant, which aims to make homes more energy efficient.

Ex-Barclays bankers call female boss 'tart' and 'dolly bird'
Court case between Amanda Staveley and the bank hears claims she was a 'complete unknown'.

TikTok halts Hong Kong access after security law
Popular short video app TikTok has blocked access in Hong Kong as it comes under increasing scrutiny.

Coronavirus: Can I get travel insurance and what are my travel rights?
As quarantine rules are relaxed, holidays are back on the agenda but will your insurance cover you?

'UK faces mobile blackouts if Huawei 5G ban imposed by 2023'
BT and Vodafone warn that users will face days without a mobile signal if a 2023 ban is imposed.

Coronavirus: Pools, gyms, team sport and outdoor gigs to return
Restrictions in England are further eased - with beauty businesses also able to reopen on Monday.

'I'm furious that we can't reopen'
Beauty salons and gyms in England get a date to reopen but some treatments remain blacklisted.

Coronavirus: Taxes will rise to pay for virus, IFS think tank warns
The chancellor's huge economic support schemes will have to be paid for via higher taxes, the IFS says.

Huawei: Why the UK might hang up on 5G and broadband kit supplier
The Chinese telecoms equipment provider's fate in the UK is set to be revealed on Tuesday.

Rishi Sunak's 'Kickstart' jobs scheme: Back to the future?
What do those who were on Labour's 2009 Future Jobs Fund say about Rish Sunak's "Kickstart" programme?

Why Hollywood needs computer games tech more than ever
The same technology that runs computer games is increasingly popular for making films and television.

Coronavirus: 'Big fat British Asian weddings' forced to slim down
How has the coronavirus pandemic hit the Asian weddings industry in the UK?

Coronavirus: An induction to post-lockdown gyms
The CEO of Total Fitness, Sophie Lawler, shows how one of her gyms has been adapted for coronavirus.

Is rum about to become the new gin?
As a small but growing number of new rum distilleries open, is the spirit set to see a sales boom?

BBC World News business headlines
The latest international business headlines from BBC World News.

Amazon's Jeff Bezos: The richest person in the world
His wealth is now estimated to be $171bn (£137bn), having made billions during the pandemic.

Coronavirus: Yo! Sushi adapts conveyor belt system
As Yo! Sushi prepares to reopen some restaurants in England, it has had to adapt its conveyor belt system.

Is Facebook losing the boycott battle?
An advertising boycott wants Facebook to do more about hate speech and misinformation.

Hairdressers reopening: Meet the people not returning to the salon
Meet the people who prefer the home haircuts they've had in lockdown.

Coronavirus: Lake District reports surge in holiday bookings
With travel restrictions and tight budgets many British people are choosing to holiday at home this year.

What Trump wants from trade
President Trump believes the US is being unfairly treated by other countries when it comes to trade.

Huawei: Boom time in China
While Huawei tech is blocked in the US, it is helping build one of the world biggest 5G networks at home.

The garlic farmers who love Trump
American garlic farmers say demand is rising after the US president put tariffs on Chinese imports.

How China plans to lead in computer chips
China wants to end its dependence on imported computer chips, but experts says it will struggle.

Is China gaining an edge in AI?
The US-China over artificial intelligence is heating up, but some warn the US could be over-reacting.
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