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Business News

China economy grows 6.7% in 2016
The figure meets Beijing's forecasts, but some say growth is slower than official data suggests

Soros: Trump is an imposter
"An imposter, a [political] conman and a would-be dictator," is the verdict of billionaire investor George Soros on Donald Trump.

Mnuchin defends record during treasury secretary hearing
Donald Trump's choice of treasury secretary, Steven Mnuchin, defends his record during Capitol Hill grilling.

Paramount gets $1bn Chinese funding
The US film studio says the investment from two backers will help its expansion and fund future movies.

Petrobras: Brazil judge Teori Zavascki dies in plane crash
Supreme Court judge Teori Zavascki was in charge of investigating corruption at state oil giant Petrobras.

May's 'positive discussion' with banks
Theresa May has had 'positive' discussions with banks about their future presence in London, she told the BBC.

Toshiba shares crash as nuclear writedown crisis deepens
Shares in Japanese conglomerate Toshiba dive as investors fear a huge loss from a US nuclear deal.

Ex-VW boss 'did not know' of emissions cheat device
Martin Winterkorn says he did not know about VW's emissions cheat until it became public.

Tesla avoids recall after Autopilot crash death
Tesla will not be ordered to recall its semi-autonomous cars in the US, following a fatal crash in May 2016.

Brexit will damage UK and EU, says Pierre Moscovici
The EU's economics commissioner says the UK will lose advantages when it leaves the EU "club".

BHP Billiton and Vale set timeframe for Samarco mine claims
BHP Billiton and Vale set a deadline of 30 June to consolidate claims resulting from the Samarco dam disaster.

European Central Bank keeps key interest rate on hold
The European Central Bank keeps its main interest rate unchanged at zero for another month.

Korean Air used electric stun gun on five passengers
Korean Air is believed to be the only major airline that routinely carries electric stun guns on its planes.

Biden to Davos: Top 1% 'not carrying their weight'
Outgoing US Vice-President Joe Biden tells Davos tax breaks for the rich do not generate growth.

Nafta renegotiation 'is trade priority' says Ross
Renegotiating the US deal with Canada and Mexico is the Trump administration's top trade priority, says Wilbur Ross.

JP Morgan Chase pays $55m over racial discrimination
US bank JP Morgan Chase pays $55m to settle racial discrimination charges.

Vegemite back in Australian ownership after A$460m Bega deal
The iconic brand of salty yeast spread is bought by Bega Cheese from US giant Mondelez in $A460m deal

Drone photography company to pay $200,000 fine
A Chicago-based drone operator is to pay the largest fine ever issued to settle claims it carried out dozens of illegal flights.

South Korea: Court denies arrest warrant for Samsung chief
A judge rules there is not enough evidence to justify arresting Lee Jae-yong for corruption.

BBC World News business headlines
The latest international business headlines from BBC World News.

Monte dei Paschi bailout 'not an EU fudge' says Dijsselbloem
Monte dei Paschi bailout 'not an EU fudge' says Eurogroup President Jeroen Dijsselbloem.

Theresa May: Some companies play by different set of rules
In her speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Theresa May warns businesses that they need to show leadership.

Davos 2017: Teens' virtual reality challenge
A group of Swiss teens has been invited to take a virtual reality challenge at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

Donald Trump 2014 interview hinting at presidency bid?
When Donald Trump met Mark Lobel at his golf course in the Dubai desert, was he already planning to be president?

Barclays boss: UK will remain financial lungs of Europe
Jes Staley, chief executive of Barclays, says the UK will continue to be the "financial lungs" of Europe even after it leaves the EU.

Australian icon Vegemite comes home
Vegemite is back under Australian ownership after it is sold by US food giant Mondelez.

Moscovici: If you're in you're in, if you're out you're out
European Commissioner Pierre Moscovici says the UK "cannot have all the advantages of being a member of the club when you are out of the club".

Air India starts selling seats in female-only section
In order to prevent assaults, Air India says it will reserve a section of seats for women only.

Ikea sustainability report reveals the firm sent zero waste to landfill in 2016
An Ikea sustainability report has revealed the Swedish furniture firm even managed to make a small profit on its UK waste.

'Born to move'
Many of the bosses at the World Economic Forum in Davos are not just obsessed by corporate success, but also physical fitness.

Chinese whispers?
China GDP: A compilation of Chinese whispers?

Happy hookah
Lebanon's capital Beirut has had a troubled past, but it's now becoming the Middle East's tech hub.

Cobra fang club
A growing number of snake farms are being set up in Kenya to attract paying visitors and breed snakes for export to Europe and North America.

Weighing it up
Free trade has been a dominant part of the post-WW2 global economy, but it is now being challenged.

East to West
The Yiwu-to-Barking express is the newest way to send your freight from China to Europe.

Golden idea
Internet entrepreneur Charles Chen Yidan is going to award $8m per year to education projects.

Your questions
BBC Economics Correspondent Andrew Walker answers your questions on Theresa May's Brexit speech.

Reality check
Theresa May says she wants an agreement with the customs union but not full membership.

City v country
Could experts at Davos find the right formula to shaping urban policies that will create progressive cities?

Fashion icon
Maria Grazia Chiuri is the first female creative head at Christian Dior. Sidney Toledano, the boss of the fashion house, tells the BBC why it's time for a change.

Voice trouble
Our voices can activate gadgets and authenticate ourselves to banks. But can they tell if we're ill?

Sterling slayer
The government's messages about Brexit have been consistent, if thin on detail - so why is the pound so jumpy?

BlaBla billions
How BlaBlaCar created a global transport network with empty car seats.

Money for nothing?
Two thousand jobless Finns are being given a basic income instead of welfare.

‘We lost everything’
Canadian businessman Serge Godin saw his father's business burn down when he was a teenager. That inspired him to build a company that now turns over C$10bn a year.

Concrete conundrum
Concrete has a pretty poor reputation, yet this ubiquitous material has largely overlooked benefits.

Day of the Mifids
Financial institutions across the UK are gearing up for one of the most far-reaching regulatory changes they have ever faced, writes Rob Young.

Obama's legacy
How US job creation tells the story of outgoing US President Barack Obama's economic legacy.

Making a mark
Donald Trump tweets support or disdain for certain companies: but what effect do his comments have?

'I set myself on fire'
Australia's banks have been accused of giving reckless advice, overcharging and a lack of accountability.

Fitness fail
The market for fitness trackers seems to be booming, but are these gadgets actually effective?

E-made it
Meet the man who gave up his successful on-pitch career for a money-spinning virtual one.

Free lunches
Everyone loves getting something for free, but why do firms continue to give out freebies, what is in it for them, and who do they target?

Mexico makes new friends at Davos
At the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Mexico's ambassadors are busy looking for new friends.

Theresa May reaction: What did Davos delegates make of the speech?
Reaction to the speech from UK prime minister Theresa May at Davos was positive, but there's still a desire for details.

The vegan trying to make the perfect burger
The vegan aiming to make the perfect meatless burger to please even "the hardcore meat lover".

Does living to 100 mean we'll work forever?
With more and more people expected to live until 100, how does that affect our working lives?

Inside Davos summit's Arctic basecamp
A replica of an Arctic basecamp has been set up by a group of leading scientists, as a call to action to global leaders attending the World Economic Forum summit.

Should bosses be more feminine?
Could a club for "girly girls" really help improve female equality in the workplace?

Trump was 'trying to compliment' Merkel
Donald Trump's comments about Germany's Angela Merkel were misinterpreted, one of his advisers says.

Are the global elite in retreat?
Brexit, Donald Trump, and the rise of populism have left the world's "liberal elites" reeling. Can Davos, their ideological habitat, survive?

Trump, China and Brexit to dominate
China's president will attend Davos for the first time, just days before Donald Trump takes office.
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