Feasibility Studies & Project Finance

Preparation of feasibility studies for establishment of new projects and assistance throughout the approval process for funding from development finance institutions (DFI).

Islamic Finance Transactions

Advise on structuring trade, project and equity finance transactions complying to Islamic Shari'a

Merger and Acquisitions

Assisting clients in acquisition of companies for diversification & expansion by conducting due diligence to access target company's valuation & viability.

Operational & Financial Policies and Procedures

Designing policies and procedure for smooth and efficient's running of company's operations, complying with client's specified industry standards.

Organizational Structure & Manual of Authorities

Development of suitable management structure with complete set of responsibilities and authorities assigned to various tiers of management to avoid duplication & delay in decision making & improve efficiency and responsiveness of the business.

Effective Internal Control Design

Establishment of internal controls to facilitate the management in achieving the company's objectives related to operational effectiveness and efficiency that ensures reliability of financial reports and compliance with local and international laws and regulations like SOX, Insider Trading & Corporate Governance.

Compliance Review and Internal Auditing

Performance review and internal audit to ascertain the level of compliance to company's policies and procedures, including compliance standards required by various government departments, regulatory authorities and trade bodies.

Development of Risk Management System

Development of systems and procedures to control credit, market and operational risks complying to Basle Accord and central bank's prudential regulations and assistance in its effective implementation for risk management & reporting.

Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) Services

Advising management on restructuring company's processes to reduce inefficiency, achieve high level of business growth, profitability and customer satisfaction.

Re-Structuring Insolvency & Business Planning

Development of rescue plan for insolvent companies and introduction of a viable business plan for restructure of capital and debt.

Implementation of Total Quality Management System

Assisting firms to implement changes required to comply with Total Quality Management System leading to ISO-9001 and 14000 certifications.

IT System Solutions

Assisting clients in development, selection and implementation of ERM, operation, MIS, Accounting and risk management software suited to specific business, customer and operational requirements.

Accounting and Back-office Outsourcing

Providing outsourcing services for complete Accounting back-office, call centre and customer relationship management.

Management Skills Development

Conducting specialized training programs in finance, risk management and compliance through workshop, seminar and specially designed courses, conducted by professional trainers and industry experts leading to internationally recognized professional certifications.

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